It couldn’t happen here

Imagine if elements of the State conspired to terrorize their own citizens, that members of elite law enforcement units murdered 28 of their own citizens in cold blood, including children. Imagine that no arrests were made or justice served for 3 decades but one day the truth came to light when one of the perpetrators confessed to his brother on his death bed. Now imagine all this happened in your country in your lifetime. Surely you’d say it’s not possible, it couldn’t happen here.

Only it did, in my country and in my lifetime. This past weekend the brother of one of the Crazy Brabant Killers (Bende van Nijvel or simply “de Bende” in Dutch) spoke to the media in Belgium about his brother, who allegedly confessed on his deathbed to being one of the Crazy Brabant Killers. This was quickly followed by reports that Chris B (identified only by initials as is custom in Belgian media), a former member of an elite law enforcement unit, had been known to investigators in the case since at least the mid 1990s.

Back in the day there were essentially 2 types of law enforcement in Belgium: local police and a national, somewhat militarized police called “RijksWacht”. When I would ride my bicycle to school the police would often set up behind a bridge outside a wooded area to check the kids’ bikes as they were riding to school. If some of your reflectors weren’t up to snuff, you’d get a stern talking to. If your bike was up to snuff, you’d carefully circle around the police vans without too much worry. But if you knew the “RijksWacht” had set up shop instead of the local police, you’d probably take the next bridge a mile and a half away just to avoid the RijksWacht. Everybody knew they were horrible, if you had to talk to the RijksWacht it would probably involve your parents coming out and paying somebody. There is no RijksWacht anymore but even today, if you get stopped for speeding in Belgium there are times when you supposedly pay the fine in cash, on the spot.

What little English language news you can find on the “Crazy Brabant Killers” tends to describe them as a “gang” but in Belgium it’s believed to be much more sinister than that. Ever since the “de Bende” terrorized the country in the mid 1980s there had been conspiracy theories, that elements of the State were involved, that the RijksWacht was involved. Belgian Justice maintained for a long time they believed “de Bende” were ordinary gangsters but the amount of bloodshed was far greater than anything typical of gang robbieries. There were other indications this was no ordinary crime: de Bende only took relatively small amounts of cash at each of their robberies and they were equipped with military style gear and training, not exactly something ordinary gangsters easily could come by in Belgium in the 1980s.

As far back as the late 1980s or early 1990s I remember Dutch media questioning why the Belgian justice system had been so effective against the extreme left terrorists of the CCC but had come up with nothing in the case of the “Bende van Nijvel”.

It remains unclear exactly whom was involved in “Bende van Nijvel” and what they were trying to accomplish but it’s now generally believed that members of the elite RijksWacht unit “Diane” (now named DSU within the Belgian Federal Police) in cahoots with some of the more shady elements of Belgian politics were responsible for the attacks, with some type of intention of destabilizing the country or elements thereof. Chris B. and his fellow trigger men were probably not the sole perpetrators. Justice so far has been utterly incompetent at best and it appears likely at least some elements of the Belgian justice system were complicit.

As a final note, I’d like to know who in foreign intelligence circles has seen the dossier of the “Bende van Nijvel”. With NATO based in Belgium and the case having obvious indications of involvement by rogue elements within the State, I cannot believe nobody outside Belgian law enforcement ever saw the dossier or put 2 and 2 together. Lawyers for the victims have long complained they were never allowed to see the full dossier, some of which supposedly accidentally burned.

This will dominate the news in Belgium for the next few months as details finally start to emerge. I suppose some of the puppet masters or people who knew are no longer with us. I was brought up not to speak ill of the dead but frankly, I hope they burn in hell.

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