Mamacita Linda went to work in Paucartambo for a couple of weeks recently. Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to join her because I had baby-sitting duty at home. Mamacita says Paucartambo is very nice, quiet, clean, the kind of place where I would live if Mamacita let me. Unfortunately that won’t ever happen because schools in those small towns in Peru aren’t very good at all.

Paucartambo is located near the East edge of the Andes mountains, very close to the Amazon jungle. If you ever have the chance, make a trip from the Andes mountains to the jungle below, it’s one of the most stunning changes in environment you can ever make in a short period of time. Where the Andes meets the jungle is a beautiful place but also a place of significant environmental and social challenges nowadays.

Paucartambo is known for its annual festival of the Virgen del Carmen which takes place in mid July. However, while Mamacita Linda was there, a procession took place in honor of the 30th anniversary of Pope John Paul visiting Paucartambo. Here are some pictures of Paucartambo and the procession:

Totally unrelated. I was thinking the other day, the farmhouse my dad grew up in didn’t have central heat (and it gets cold in Oostakker). Nowadays my dog sleeps on an orthopedic bed. I know it’s apples and oranges but the point is we have come a long way, I want to be thankful more often and fuss less than I do.

5 thoughts on “Paucartambo

  1. Nice pictures and yes Paucartambo is a nice little town, we went through there when we took a Manu tour, like you said, the environment change is amazing, epically when you top the mountain and go from the stark high Andean terrain and start you’re descent into the cloud forest.

    For reference Ward our town of Huarocondo also celebrates the festival of the Virgen del Carmen and is one of the three largest in the region, you and Mamacita Linda should come and check it out one of these years, ours is also far less touristy that the others.

  2. Oh man, that place is beautiful. My dad is from that area, and I love the beautiful pics that you took. Thank you for appreciating the beauty of my land.

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