Papi chancletero!

Happy New Year! Did Santa get you everything you wanted for Christmas this year?

I’m very blessed: I got a new pair of jeans, a stylish new jacket, and a new BABY GIRL!!!

Claire Josephine

Claire Josephine

She’s not a Christmas baby but a December birthday nonetheless. Mommy and baby are doing good.

With this latest addition to the family there are now 3 mamacitas and only one papi in our house. Therefore I have been called “chancletero” on occasion. “Chancletero” in urban Peruvian Spanish means a man who only has daughters, all girls no boys in the house.

I’ve been told that “chancletero” originally had a negative meaning. “Chancletas” in Spanish means slippers or sandals. Back in the day it was thought to be more important to have sons, to carry on the family name and take care of the land. Since “chancletas” are not very valuable shoes, the word “chancletero” is supposed to have this negative connotation that baby girls were less valued than baby boys. This I read somewhere but I can’t vouch for it being accurate.

Having said all of that, I think “chancletero” has long lost it’s negative connotation in urban Peruvian Spanish. Perhaps it’s similar to the word “redneck” in American English, which most certainly had a negative meaning but is nowadays often used without negative connotation – at least in the Old South.

At least I think the people who’ve called me a “chancletero” and “redneck” didn’t think badly of me 🙂

We’re very happy and blessed with our beautiful baby girls. Brianna is very happy to have a little sister too.

Our beautiful baby girls

Our beautiful baby girls

3 thoughts on “Papi chancletero!

  1. I will have to ask the wife if that’s a derogatory word towards us men with only women in the house. But Congrats to you and the wife.

  2. Congratulations! At least there’s one other male in our house; his name is Charli and he’s a Chihuahua. Guess that counts.

  3. Yes, this used to be a term back in the day, about 30 years ago, while I was growing up in Lima. I have not been there in 25 years, so I am not sure if they still use it. But, it wasn’t derogatory, it was more used to make fun of a girl producing man

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