A Cuzco rainbow

After fussing about the rain a few days ago, we saw the most gorgeous rainbow yesterday: (Click on the picture for full size)

Beautiful Cuzco rainbow

Beautiful Cuzco rainbow

The picture really does not do it justice. This was one of the brightests, most beautiful rainbows I can remember seeing. There’s a second rainbow above, but the inner one was by far the most brilliant. We ran outside and took pictures and showed the rainbow to the little Goose, one of these moments you live for.

Incidentally, Cuzco has a rainbow colored flag. So if you’re in Cuzco and notice a lot of rainbow flags, especially around major holidays and cultural festivals, it’s just that: the Cuzco flag, not the same as the rainbow flag you see “up north” sometimes…

2 thoughts on “A Cuzco rainbow

  1. Let both flags fly. I am a heterosexual. I also believe in free speech and live the way you live. I like the world with so much diversity.
    Cuzco keep your flag and be proud. Do not let ignorance change your ways..

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