Plato Sol de Mayo

Patricia got hungry today, you know, nursing the baby and all…

Plato Sol de Mayo

Plato Sol de Mayo

We went to our favorite restaurant in Urubamba, “Sol de Mayo” and Patricia ordered their perennial house special, “Plato Sol de Mayo”. In case you can’t make out the details in the old cellphone picture, the plate consists of a salad with yummie white Andean cheese, a potato – which Peru claims to have invented – noodles, corn, chicken, beef, chicharron and cuy.

There are a lot of places where you can enjoy typical Andean food, but if you’re in Urubamba I highly recommend “Sol de Mayo”. It’s located only 3 blocks right behind the main bus terminal in Urubamba, it’s not overpriced or touristy, and you definitely won’t leave hungry!

3 thoughts on “Plato Sol de Mayo

  1. I don’t believe for a minute that little girl ate all of that food. Surely you helped her out! How’s the little one, by the way?


  2. No, I was doing all I could to finish my own plate – a different entree but nevertheless a big plate. The baby tried to help with a few bites, but I think about half of the food in the picture made it home for leftovers 🙂

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