Dogs and baby

For my dog-loving friends, a few pictures of our baby with the dogs… I got yelled at for the second one 🙂

Roxi, Manchita and Brianna

Roxi, Manchita and Brianna

Baby kisses blue pitbull

Baby kisses blue pitbull

Both my mom and Patricia’s mom were pretty worried about the dogs, now that our new baby has arrived. My mom was particularly worried because Manchita is a Blue Pitbull, but the dogs seemed to realize right away this little wawa was a new addition to our family. I imagine in a few months when Brianna starts throwing – digo eating food from a high chair, that will take her relationship with the dogs to a whole new level 🙂

Of course if you have strong, protective dogs like ours you have to pay attention to them around kids, especially once our baby gets a bit older and has her friends over to the house, but we’re of to a good start!

6 thoughts on “Dogs and baby

  1. Pitbulls usually have the sweetest attitudes in the dog world. Their bad reputation is due to poor handling and the fact that people recover easily from a cocker spaniel bite and don’t report it. A bite from a pitbull usually ends in a hospital trip.

  2. Pitbulls & other bully breeds have a high pain threshold and are generally more tolerant of children’s innocent abuses.

    I would prefer a Pitbull over a Chihuahua any day. Smaller dogs are often more short fused and quick to bite.

    My girls play with my friend’s American Staffordshire and despite his “aggressive” looks, he is the laziest, sweetest and most patient dog out of the bunch.

  3. I agree. If a kid were to pull Manchita’s tail or smack her on her head, she’d just stand there and grin. If you do the same thing to Roxi, watch out!

    Either way, if you have dogs and kids you need to pay attention to them, but not worry 🙂

  4. Dogs are as close to necessary as can be for good physical (immunological) and emotional health and development of any child.
    The scientist type peoples sez so.

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