Looking for names of Inca princesses

In an instant I’m no longer the guy who tells tall tales of flying old airplanes or traveling the world. I’m now the guy who shows baby pictures:

5 months - Thank goodness she looks just like her mommy!!!

5 months - Thank goodness she looks just like her mommy!!!

2 big tummies

2 big tummies

We found out yesterday that everything is going well with nuestra calatita and it’s going to be a girl !!!. Suggestions for girl names are welcome, since everyone told Patricia up to now it was going to be a boy, she was looking mostly for boy names…

Due date is June 14, so we’ll keep up the news on what it’s like to have a baby in Cusco, Peru 🙂

Help us out. Patricia speaks Spanish and English. I speak Dutch, English and some Spanglish. My parents speak Dutch but Mama Vicky prefers Quechua… Please vote:

19 thoughts on “Looking for names of Inca princesses

  1. You could always opt for a traditional Christian first name and an Incan (Quechua) middle name.

    Both my girls have a variation of my own middle name implemented into their middle name. (My middle name is the same as my grandmother’s but different spelling.)

    Peruvians also tend to name their children after a relative.

    My husband’s middle name is the same as his father’s first name.

    My nephew has the same first name as his father and another has a middle name after a grandfather’s first name.

    Our second daughter’s middle name is Anamaria. Ana coming from Anne (my middle name) and Maria in honor of my husband’s now deceased grandmother.

    There are endless possibilities, but your wife will have the final say in the end. 😉

  2. Thanks Liam. I like Milagros, but it also happens to be my sister-in-laws name…

    This is my second rainseason, but of course growing up in Belgium I had my share of rain as well 😉

  3. We like the name Olivia. No special reason or attachment to any specific country or language, just a nice name. Nick name could be Liv. (Everybody needs a nickname)

  4. Congratulations! What exciting news.

    There are so many lovely names in Spanish; hard to pick.

    My friend Diana (a Peruvian actress) named her girl “Samikai,” based on a Quechua word for energy or joy.

  5. hello!!!! teacher, congratulations…. well why not a quechua name, like IMA SUMAC, a peruvian woman that become a famous singer in Los Angeles. Good luck teacher!!!!

  6. i know a few olivia’s and i love that name.
    liv as a nickname is fantastic. all the olivia’s i know are beautiful.
    and i also like olivia newton john…. who doesn’t?

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  8. Thanks Amazilia! I’m still trying to convince Patricia to use a Quechua name, she’s kind of apprehensive since neither of us speak Quechua 😦

    I also found out people use “Kantu” for a name, and I’m beginning to warm up to that!

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  10. Hello! im a peruvian woman married with a dutch man and living in Belgium (Flanders)
    We had our first son 21 months ago and it was very difficult for us to find a name ’cause we though we had to take into account much more things that other people. We think a name is VERY importan ’cause its something that will somehow define a person so we were careful. Its good to choose a nam you like but i think we have to think very good if we want to give a name that is a bit “too weird”. We took the next things into account:
    -A name that is easy to write and pronounce for both families (spanish and dutch). My name is spanish so here nobody knows it and its kind of annoying when i have to correct people thousand times a day because they dont say it or write it correctly.
    -It has to match the dutch surname of my husband
    -If its a name with a meaning, a positive meaning

    I think its really cool that you want to give your child a name in quechua, i love the idea also but be carefull when you pick one ’cause most of those names are very difficult to pronounce in spanish so imagine how it will be in another languages. Another thing is the spelling, that will be a problem (anooyance) in the future for your kid, specially if its a LONG name like “Inakapalla”….like i said, its cool and original but too weird.

    Theres one name in quechua that i find beautiful but the problem is that it has a “CH” in between. The name is VALICHA and it’s from a peruvian folk song. Valicha is the nickname of Valentina <—also beautiful.

    I came across this website 'cause im pregnant again, we still dont know if its a boy or a girl but im looking for names 🙂

    pd: if your wife and her family speak spanish and you and your family speak dutch YOU should talk to the baby in dutch and your wife in spanish! We are doing that with our son and he is learning both languages at the same time with no problems at all! Babies are sponges, dont forget it and it is a BIG advantage if he/she speaks both languages 🙂
    Good luck!

  11. This is all very interesting, I am from Ecuador, and my husband is from Lima, Peru. He left Peru when he was 9 yrs. old. In the last few years we have travelled to South America to see Ecuador and some of Peru. We would love to go and visit MACHU PICHU, but we have no one in Peru and we are trying to figure out how to go about it. Anyway, I am trying to lean Quechu. I am really impressed that you are naming your children so., its worderful. good luck, MUCHA SUERTE

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