One thought on “With my friends in Choquequirao

  1. lets tolk about cusco peru . an exiting cuty where you can do the funiest things is the same whih bussines although many people even from here ,people who dont kwon peru very well but live in there they thing peru is not for bussiness it is for everythin but not for it
    but I m stiil thinking that you can find favoluis things in peru and people didnt realize and one of the tnhing I find is the textile maybi in the future I eill have my own textile company ,the last weekI went to chincheros where I find zaqta plant an important plant for inkas they used it for wash everything the result was all was clean but why people from here dont use this olant and instead of that the use ariel opal and others ones. so I would make a good bussines on it too

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