Natural or modern medicine?

Patricia and I both got sick as the proverbial dog in the last 2 weeks. Nothing serious, just a bad flu. Patricia’s uncle knows many of the natural healing techniques people here in Peru use. Much of it is based on the ancient Inca culture, and some has its roots in the cultures of the Amazon jungle. So we drank lots of herbal tea and tried some of the natural remedies as well as our doctor-prescribed medicines.

We’re finally both feeling better now. I do like what I’ve learned so far about natural medicine. Perhaps one day we will help Patricia’s uncle open a health spa in the Sacred Valley. For sure the people here in Cusco have to be quite strong to deal with the altitude (nearly 11,000ft) and the climate (temperatures are really nice during the day, around 80 degrees in the sun, but near freezing at night).

Patricia Carrasco in Machu Picchu

The Incas believed when taking this pose on this rock at Machu Picchu, you will receive energy and healing powers from the sun.

– Ward

4 thoughts on “Natural or modern medicine?

  1. The teacher Ward has been in the best place of the world ,
    CUSCO navel of the world;the place where the INCAS lived hundreds of years in a instead mystical and now the teacher Ward enjoys of the wonderful place and he’s learning the customs and natural medicine.

  2. I like my teacher warm, as he is my teacher at the ICPNA think that as the climate here in cusco the gringos are always sick.
    But I think as many times better than hospitals and medicine is the best medicinal plants with different origins of peru has properties oultas and my like my teacher I agree with his ideas.
    Professor very good idea, I liked his two dogs thanks by his appreciation to the city of Cusco and the country of peru

  3. Hi! dear teacher… In first, I wanna say that u are very amazing and have a lot of experience like a teacher….well, I talk about the homeless in cusco, in this city unfortunatly this problem is very common, so I propuse that We have to make more ONg`s for help them.
    Bye teacher. See you soon. Karmen

  4. I hope u’re fine teacher and i want to tell all ur friends that u’re a good teacher u got a great metodology and we learn fast; also i’m happy ‘cuz i someone to practice with and improve my english I just wanna invite all the people to come to Cusco, so now’s ur chance, Cusco’s a beautiful city, it’s calm and there are many places to visit, here we got many customs like “inti raymi” and typical dishes like “chiri uchu”, “guinea pig”, “lechon”, the weather’s cold but it’s sunny at noon, people here is very friendly and kind, you can come whenever you want we’ll be waitin’ 4 u

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